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More Agnes Sanford.. Some of her thoughts in my words.

Healing is only answered prayer, and anyone can pray. It helps if you also have wisdom from the Lord.

We live in two worlds. The world of time and space, and the world beyond time and space. The part of us that lives in time and space, speaks with an audible voice and thinks with words and ideas. Just because we can label a thing, we think we know what it is, but words and ideas are the only the shadow of the thing itself. The part of us that lives beyond time and space knows directly with the spirit. It sees and hears with the eyes and ears of the heart.

Agnes is so gentle and gracious.. I just read a short book by a Christian who was lamenting the sad state of Christian worship. His tone was strident and confrontational.. condemning Christians for their lack of (insert your own words here). Agnes on the other hand, addressing the same issue, is saddened that even though we have had a salvation experience, and experience the Love, Joy, and Peace of the Lord, we (Agnes includes herself) sink back into darkness until the only thing we have left is programs and budgets, and prayerbooks. The Love, Joy, and Peace of the Lord are only a dim memory..

Some of us have been pushed into a spiritual experience and have been burned by a power that did not sink into our spirit, making if difficult to receive the Lord's Love, Joy, and Peace when it did arrive...