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I've been reading Agnes Sanford - again. She has been talking about forgiveness. and how forgiveness is crucial to your peace with the Lord and to your peace with those around you. how any thoughts of revenge, hurt, or anger block love from flowing and poison your relationships. But at the end of her meandering, she tells a story about how you can forgive others - who have not offended you - with the forgiveness of Christ. Here's the story

A woman was in the habit of visiting the outcast. The people who have not been able to cope successfully, and have been rejected by society.  Agnes paints this woman as older - a grandmother - who is a mature Cristian. So one day, she visits an inmate on death row. An inmate who is so violent, that the guards are afraid of him.. She talks her way into the cell over the guard's objections, and stands there; a small defenseless woman alone with a huge violent guy. Praying. The inmate goes on a rant. Screaming and cursing. (Agnes interjects an editorial comment here explaining that her guess was that the woman 'was him' in her spirit) I suppose he was not too pleased with the prospect of the death penalty. Eventually, he calms down, and the woman mentions the Love of Jesus.. Well, the guy goes off again. After he runs down, there is a brief silence. Then he says 'Hey! what's that I feel? I've never felt this happy!' The woman explains its the Holy Ghost; the Joy of the Lord. You can guess the rest of the story.. The violent inmate receives the Love of the Lord, and converts everyone on his cellblock - including the guards and the executioner - and goes to his death praising God...

Here's the direct quote
My (Agnes') guess would be that she was in her spirit, too truly him to feel anything for him in the conscious mind. This deep identification through the Spirit goes far beyond any detectable emotion. She was him, and yet she was also herself praying for him, as an actor on the stage is the person whom he portrays and at the same time also himself interpreting that person.

This is a perfect example of God's Love overflowing from your heart, filling those around you. Its also an example of 'whatsoever ye shall ask, I will do it'.