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Marguerite Porete - The Mirror of Simple Souls

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The 'Mirror of Simple Souls' is an allegorical conversation between Love, Reason, Soul, Truth, and other devices. The main theme is annihilation of the soul's fallen nature and re-formation into the image and likeness of God's Love.

Marguerite Porete was a participant in a spiritual revival called The Friends of God, or Beguines;.a loose association of people seeking the Lord. The Catholic Church became annoyed that the doctrine she taught was not sanctioned by the Church. Marguerite was condemned by the inquisition and burned at the stake on June 1, 1310 for heresy.

I have tried to restate Marguerite in my own words. Hopefully, you will be inspired to read the book for yourself. My apologies in advance for seeing Marguerite through my own filters and my own prejudices. I have been blessed by Marguerite. Her words will resonate with you or not. It is unlikely that you will learn anything from her.