Who is in charge?


A long time ago, I read a book by C H Macintosh, about the Pentateuch - the first five books of Moses. C H Macintosh was one of those preachers that see Jesus in every verse. One thing emerged very clearly; that Jesus was focused entirely on the Father in Heaven and not on his circumstances... My friend Wayne has the same message, 'Don't get derailed by your circumstances'. Julian of Norwich's response to disaster was 'All will be well'. She had complete confidence that the Lord was in control, and that everything worked together for good. Even disaster.

We spend a lot of our focus telling the Lord how to fix things. Like who should win the war, what our president should do, what our kids should do, how to fix our relationships, who to heal.. Most of the things that stress us out aren't under our control anyway. So who is in charge? I think it's pretty clear that the Lord is in charge whether we want to admit it or not..

This is even more difficult than loving the unlovable. When our house is falling down around us, we are sick, our kids are running amuck, the bill collector is at the door.. To trust the Lord for everything that comes down out of heaven. And then to rest in His Love. I think the centering prayer people have it right. Seek the face of the Lord, and rest in His Love.

Everything that touches your life is the Holy Spirit conforming you to the image of Jesus Christ.


Disengage your rational mind and get into the mind of your heart. Locate His presence. Rest in His Love. Lift up your circumstances to Him and wonder about them. Pray for His mercy and His blessing on everything around you. If you journal, write it down.