The Lord's Love heals broken hearts. He heals broken relationships. He heals depression. He sets captives free. He flows out of your heart and heals the hearts around you.

The other side of this coin is that the Lord sends brokenness, depression, and captivity during the dark night of the soul and the dark night of the spirit when He purges you and trims you, and your old nature is being crucified. He decides when to heal and when to crucify. So pray for healing, but pay attention to His Will.

Here's what Julian of Norwich says...
The Lord Himself is the ground from which our prayer flows. Through prayer, our will is united to the will of the Lord. The end result of our prayer is to be united and like to our Lord in all things. So how can His prayers not come to pass? Only my lack of trust in Him can hinder my prayer.... When I am resting in the Lord, I can trust that He will work everything according to the good pleasure of His will. I do not need to pray.


Disengage your rational mind and get into the mind of your heart. Locate His presence. Rest in His Love. Abandon your own will to Him. Lift up the circumstances of your friends and neighbors to Him - without telling Him how to fix it. Pray for His mercy and His blessing and His healing on everything around you. Lord Willing. If you journal, write it down.