If I were more organized, I would have done the introduction first. But in Myers-Briggs terms, I'm a P. I plan as I go. Truth be told, I didn't even read Fr_Paul's book first. I just prayed through one day at a time, not knowing how it would turn out. So here's the overview. I'm painfully aware that I've just skimmed the surface of spiritual direction. I've blasted through stuff that takes a lifetime - or more - to actualize. Here's a summary of the important stuff.

Love the Lord. Learn to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
Build a relationship with Him. Spend lots of time with him. If you're in love, I don't have to tell you this.
Offer your fallen mind and your fallen will and everything in you that is not of the Lord to Him for crucifixion.
Abnegate yourself. (Yow! where did that come from? it means give up your 'rights')
Trust Him for everything that touches your life.
Learn to get into the Presence of the Lord.
Learn to stay in the Presence all the time.
Learn to let His Light and Healing overflow to the people around you.

But really, only one thing is necessary.
One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.

More postlude 10/05/2005
If you ask a Christian if they trust God, 99.999999 percent will say "Yes. Of course!" But in most people, there is a huge gap between theoria and prakticos; between assenting to a truth in their mind and living it in their heart. Here's a link to a piece that tries to bridge the gap. First a short excerpt.
What does pure faith mean in this context? Simply put, it means trusting in God. It means trusting so fully that God will provide for us that, like the lilies of the field or the birds of the air, we are free of cares and concerns knowing that God will take care of us. Talk about faith and trust is commonplace among Christians, but the kind of trust proposed here is hard for most people in our culture to accept. It goes against the grain of what the dominant culture teaches us. Our cultural conditioning tells us that we must be in charge, that we must carry out our own agendas, that we must make sure our affairs are in order, that we have to invest in our retirement plan because if we don’t who will take care of us?
Click here to get the whole article. Highly recommended!!